TJTip Enterprises:
Welcome - T.J. Tip Enterprises was established in 2002. It was created by Terry L. Tippner a
cemeterian who has lived in Marion, Indiana for 50 years and has been in the cemetery and
monument business for 30 years. With this wealth of knowledge and experience it has enabled
him to create his own business with 2 - sub-companies
Cemetery Property for Sale in Indiana
> Cemeterry's Listing & Brokerage Service of Indiana
Cemeterry's Listing & Brokerage Service: This company has been designed specifically to help families to
buy, sell, and trade cemetery merchandise
> Funeral Planning Consultant
This company is designed to assist and inform families of how to save 50% or more on
future funeral costs. We tell you what the Funeral Homes, the Cemeteries, and the
monument companies don't want you to know.
For more information or any questions you might have call Terry (765) 662-0512
or E-mail him at, or toll free (877) 385-8477.